Today's Opinions

  • Hansen column: Why must disagreement become us-vs.-them battle?

    Two parents sat, discussing the best way to teach their son about money.
    The mother wanted to give the son an allowance each month so that he would learn the consequences of saving and spending. She wanted him to do chores, but not to be financially compensated.
    “Chores are his duty as a member of this family,” she said.
    The father understood this point of view, but disagreed. He thought their son should earn his money for the chores that he completed.

  • Notheisen letter: ‘Correct facts…are no less horrific’

    I am responding to Sarah Hernandez’s opinion piece regarding setting the facts straight on the New York state changes to their law regarding abortion. 
    While I am very much in favor of getting the facts correct whether it’s opinion or news, the correct facts in this case are no less horrific. The fact that “modern abortion techniques do not result in live birth…” is of no comfort to me. It simply means we have grown more effective in our methods of destroying life. 

  • Vogel letter: Main library to be closed during July for relocation

    Here’s a quick update on the changes happening at the Lancaster  Main Library as part of our expansion/renovation project.
    During the month of July, we are closed to public service, as we pack up nearly 50 years of memories. Some of our staff members remember coming here as little children, while others started working here when they were in high school, and are now grandmothers. 

  • Catoe letter: Born this way and glad to have employer who welcomes all

    I’ll never forget her storming into Starbucks, dripping wet from the rain.
    She had just bought two gift cards from me at the drive-through window. I had taken extra time to gather several different gift cards to offer her a good selection to pick from.
    She marched to the front register asking for a refund. I asked as I passed by what was wrong. She said, “I don’t need them anymore.”

  • Rogers column: Follow rules for safe, legal outdoor burning

    Some of us really enjoy rural living, while others enjoy being close to their neighbors.
    Lancaster County has changed so much, but some things remain the same. Outdoor burning has always been a way of life for many people. Enjoying a cool autumn night by the outdoor fireplace, or raking leaves and picking up dead limbs to burn in a fire pit.
    Outdoor burning can be enjoyable to all if we follow a few simple rules.
    In 2008, Lancaster County adopted a burning ordinance to allow for the safe burning of residential yard debris. It requires only a few things:

  • Wallace column: More research needed on safety of e-cigarettes

    A question that has come up recently regarding American health care is whether e-cigarettes should be available for teenagers.
    A majority of middle school and high school students have access to these devices, and there has been an increase in the use of them over recent years. With a wide range of different types of e-cigarettes, scientists know little about these devices, which have only existed for about 15 years.

  • Leis: Thanks to school arts supporters

    I am the music teacher at Heath Springs Elementary School. Because of grant funds we receive each year from the S.C. Arts Commission, we were able to have another great school year of increasing and improving our arts education.
    We purchased congas, xylophones and other musical instruments, needed art supplies, two sets of choir risers and a hand-held cordless microphone.
    Our students were able to perform two musicals. We had guest professional performers and teachers in visual art, mime, puppetry, dance and brass band.

  • Gregory letter: How litter kills wildlife

    Litter kills birds. Yes, if you see an owl, a hawk or another type of dead or injured bird of prey on the roadside, that’s likely the result of litter.
    When food, including apple cores and banana peels, is tossed from vehicles, it attracts rodents that these magnificent birds feed upon. When they home in on this prey, they often ignore vehicles and are killed or injured in collisions.
    So all litter – even what you may consider compostable or natural – is destructive.