• Survivor starting support group

    I am writing this letter to announce a new support group forming to offer support and counseling to parents and children who are victims of incest and molestation. The purpose of this group is to help these victims begin their healing process.

    I, myself, have been a victim since the age of 4. I am now 65 and an incest survivor/recoverer.

    My story began many years ago as my “Daddy’s special girl.” I used to sit on his lap and exchange coins for a dollar bill. This is when the incest started for me.

  • WB Evans Letter

    Dear Editor:

    Regarding "District to get $4.45M in federal funds" in the July 16 edition.

    Grants are those "gifts" from Washington which don't have to be paid back. Apparently, they come like manna from heaven.

    Surely, there is some better explanation for the three-year $941,000 Carol M. White grant than to "track obesity and devise ways to get students to exercise and eat healthy."

  • Letter to editor

    I have been trying to walk in my neighborhood because of doctor's orders. On July 4, I had some trouble with two dogs. I called Lancaster County Animal Control and received no answer, so I called the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office. The person that answered the phone told me he could not do anything because the dog was not bleeding.

  • Letters to the editor

    Can someone explain to me why I have been woken at 12:30 at night from the sounds of the Blue Dot operation?

  • County courthouse needed now

    One would think that the editorial board of our local newspaper would be capable of displaying an understanding of the structural needs of Lancaster County.

    However, the editorial that appeared in the May 21 Carolina Gateway demonstrated again the shortsightedness that has brought us to the point where we now find ourselves.

    This year, we are commemorating 180 years since the erection of the Lancaster County Courthouse. This is a significant milestone.