• Maybe all the smart people have died off

    Are you worried? Don’t get upset, things will improve. Who says so? The government, of course. Robin Hood and his merry men (they have a job) are in charge. Sounds good, depending on whether you have green bills or white bills.  Before I retired, I had enough of those green bills to take care of those white bills plus some left over for a meal out, a beach trip or a new car every few years. Life was better than I realized and I yearned for more. I wasn’t alone.

  • Give the gift of sight this holiday season

    Give the gift of sight                   this holiday season

    As you are well aware, the U.S. economy is experiencing a major downturn. Often when faced with tough economic times, our senior communities on fixed incomes are hurt the most when their health care falls by the wayside. During our current financial crisis, I want to make sure that their eye health is not neglected.

  • Dream Team continues to give all kids chance to play sports

    The Lancaster News wrote on April 15, 2007, that "this promises to be an extraordinary day in the history of Lancaster County sports."

  • Be sure to check your “facts”

    In reading the comments in “What Local Folks Are Saying About Obama’s Election,” I continue to be amazed and disheartened at the things people are willing to accept as truth.

    A challenging book entitled “The Assault on Reason” makes some compelling assertions regarding this thinking.

    Factcheck.org is a reliable source for separating fact from fiction if people are willing to search for truth rather than believing everything they hear. Many newspapers are using this site for that purpose.

  • Carolina Gateway Letters Policy

    We welcome letters and columns expressing your views on issues of local concern.

    They should be brief and to the point. Personal attacks should be avoided.

    Letters must be signed by the author. Please include your address and telephone number for verification. Letters from organizations should be signed by an authorized official.

  • Web site updates reader on county

    The Lancaster News Web site enables me to keep abreast of local happenings from my home in Lexington Park, Md., about an hour’s drive from Washington.

    Recently, a news story originating from Forbes was a real shocker. Layoffs, shut-downs and plant closings seem to occur all over the country, but it appeared from the Forbes article that Lancaster had been dealt the worst blow in the country.

    The departure of Springs left wounds that will take years to heal; then the courthouse arson seemed to wield the knock-out.

  • Family Promise starts Web site

    Family Promise is moving along quite nicely.

    Much progress in all areas has been achieved and the latest accomplishment is the Family Promise of Lancaster County Web site, created by Louie Prete of Lancaster.

    Family Promise wants to make it easy for people to learn about and understand what Family Promise is and what it will mean for Lancaster County.

  • Survivor starting support group

    I am writing this letter to announce a new support group forming to offer support and counseling to parents and children who are victims of incest and molestation. The purpose of this group is to help these victims begin their healing process.

    I, myself, have been a victim since the age of 4. I am now 65 and an incest survivor/recoverer.

    My story began many years ago as my “Daddy’s special girl.” I used to sit on his lap and exchange coins for a dollar bill. This is when the incest started for me.

  • WB Evans Letter

    Dear Editor:

    Regarding "District to get $4.45M in federal funds" in the July 16 edition.

    Grants are those "gifts" from Washington which don't have to be paid back. Apparently, they come like manna from heaven.

    Surely, there is some better explanation for the three-year $941,000 Carol M. White grant than to "track obesity and devise ways to get students to exercise and eat healthy."

  • Letter to editor

    I have been trying to walk in my neighborhood because of doctor's orders. On July 4, I had some trouble with two dogs. I called Lancaster County Animal Control and received no answer, so I called the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office. The person that answered the phone told me he could not do anything because the dog was not bleeding.