• Augustin letter: IL incorporation – ‘vote no, not yet, thanks’

    It was once, but today none of Indian Land remains Indian land.    
    The development horse left the barn. It’s halfway to Hickory, and now we are looking for a bridle.
    Controlling development growth is far easier said than done. The best we might do is put it off for a while. A 58-square-mile area with no core will never be a “small town.”

  • Helms: Important tax deadline coming soon

    An important deadline is approaching for Lancaster County taxpayers – the closing of the county’s 2017 tax books, which takes place on March 16.
    This is an important step in the annual fiscal budgeting process for Lancaster County government, as it allows those who serve on County Council, the school board and town and city councils to determine how much tax revenue they will have to work with as they work to finish their 2018-19 budgets.

  • See column: VTIL ignored VW’s viewpoint on incorporation

    In order to establish an area for incorporation, S.C. law states that there must be a density of 300 people per square mile before incorporation can even be proposed.
    When you have subdivisions such as Sun City, Walnut Creek and Treetops, you can expand the area you are trying to incorporate much farther south because of the density in those neighborhoods.

  • Harris letter: Human nature plays into decision on town of IL

    There are some laws I have not heard discussed regarding the proposed Indian Land incorporation. They are laws of human nature.
    The first is the Law of Unintended Consequences. This law says that no matter how much thinking and planning you do, any activity has unintended consequences. And the more complex the activity, the more unintended consequences will occur.

  • Baust letter: Indian Land is county’s private cash cow

    Your “Devastating fallout” news article (Dec. 27, 2017) made my decision easy. I am voting for the town of Indian Land. I’ve been on the fence about incorporation since I heard about the idea several years ago, but this article confirms what I’ve been hearing from local residents all along – that the rest of Lancaster County sees Indian Land as nothing more than their private cash cow.

  • Meads letter: Here’s an alternative to IL incorporation

    There may be a better alternative to incorporation. What if there was a way to achieve both representation and maintain stable property taxes?
    What percentage of property, business and sales tax revenue does Indian Land generate as compared to the rest of Lancaster County? Is it 60 percent? I am honestly not sure of the exact number, but let’s say for example that 60 percent of the county’s tax revenue is generated within the borders of Indian Land.  

  • Laddy letter: ‘Specious’ arguments on both sides of town issue

    First, I’m absolutely in favor of incorporation of Indian Land. This does not mean that I don’t want to hear both sides of the argument.
    When I attended a “vote yes” meeting in Sun City Carolina Lakes, it was evident that no one from the secretive “vote no” group showed up. Matt McCusker pleaded for some opposition people to speak up. Two residents who were opposed volunteered to speak against.

  • Chick letter: Misleading signs promise voters too much

    The vote on incorporating the town of Indian Land has been set for Tuesday, March 27. The vote will be yes or no.
    Please try and get the facts. I personally don’t understand what the facts are on why a group wants me to vote yes. My opinion: It started with someone being denied a zoning permit.
    I have called the state and some elected officials, and here is what I got from them. The county of Lancaster will not lower your taxes.

  • Sansbury letter: I blame Hollywood violent culture

    Once again, our hearts are shattered with the loss of 17 innocent and precious souls in Parkland, Fla.
    Mass shootings have become a common American travesty that must be eliminated from our society forever. It is only natural for human beings to place blame, fault or condemnation on the shooter, the president, Congress or the NRA.

  • VTIL letter: Take control of our future by voting yes

    Vote yes for a town! We will decide on Tuesday, March 27.
    It’s time for Indian Land to control its own future and have true democratic representation (as opposed to only two of seven Lancaster County Council seats).
    We have a choice.
    Does Indian Land want to continue to be the county’s cash cow and get more rampant growth that makes us an industrial drive-thru plagued by strangling traffic?
    Or do we want our own town that makes sure the millions of tax dollars we already pay are kept in Indian Land to fix our problems?