• Doyle letter: We lost a great man in Sen. John McCain

    Life teaches us many things. How to take care of our family, raise our children, show them what’s right and wrong. It teaches us to be honest, never bully people, never make fun of people with disabilities, and to treat people with kindness. How to take care of our country and serve it. How to take in and help immigrants. How to defeat bullies and cowards.
    We lost a great man last week. There have been very few like Sen. John McCain. This man put family and country first.

  • Brathe letter: Presidents Obama, Clinton went after journalists, too

    This is a response to the Aug. 15 opinion piece by Jay Bender.
    As a former professor of journalism, Mr. Bender is obviously offended by President Donald Trump’s assertion that the national press is “the enemy of the people.”
    He fears that President Trump will harm freedom of the press, but has forgotten the Obama administration’s hacking of CBS correspondent Sharyl Attkisson’s computer and its seizing of phone records belonging to the parents of Fox News reporter James Rosen.

  • Overstreet letter: Thanks to all who helped with Back to School Bash

    Thanks to all the volunteers who made the Lancaster Back to School Bash event successful and meaningful for the  Lancaster County School District students who needed our loving support Saturday, Aug. 11!

  • Schmidt letter: No proof Russians put Trump in office

    In his Aug. 8 guest column, Sonny Jim Doyle says we have a fake president.
    The truth is President Donald Trump was elected by the electoral college as per the Constitution by a very large margin.
    Mr. Doyle says Donald Trump “got elected by the Russians.”
    We do know the Russians have been messing around in our political process for years and actually got into the Democratic National Committee’s server. But the DNC would not turn over the server to the FBI for analysis, so that hacking accusation is actually unproven.

  • Schaffer letter: Don’t re-elect Norman

    As a senior citizen, there is little government could do to me today that will have much of an effect on my life.
    Yes, Ralph Norman has his eyes on cutting my Medicare and keeping my Social Security increases below the cost of living, but that is nothing compared to what he has already done to my children and grandchildren, as well as everyone in Lancaster County. 

  • Reppucci letter: Doyle ‘just a Trump hater’

    In response to Sonny Jim Doyle’s column in last week’s paper, I didn’t know Carolina Gateway published “fake news.”  
    I think it is too late for this guy. He is just a Trump hater.
    Emelia Reppucci
    Indian Land

  • Carroll letter: Brooks article pointless rehash

    I usually enjoy the articles in the paper every week. However, on June 27 there was an article that disturbed me greatly.
    It was a rehash of the incidents regarding James Brooks.
    I certainly do not condone his behavior, but he has a young son who lives in the area and does not need this in his face.
    There was nothing new in the article. You were not trying to find out why he has not had his day in court.
    It appeared that it was a very slow day.
    This is why people do not read papers that much anymore.
    Lynne Carroll

  • Isaacs letter: When will Ansley Park construction noise end?

    As residents of Indian Land, my wife and I expect a certain amount of inconvenience due to progress – things like slow traffic, increased traffic or even changes in traffic due to new construction.
    What we didn’t expect was the barrage of sounds coming from a construction site near us that has been under way for over a year now. The machines used for the earth-moving at Ansley Park off Henry Harris Road are extremely loud, and although the site is about a half mile from us, the low-lying topography between us seems to conduct the machine sounds and amplify them.

  • Barker letter: Voter can’t support Parnell after revelations

    As an unaffliated voter, I was considering voting for Archie Parnell. Thank you for your informative May 30 article on Archie’s past violence and physical abuse.

  • Himelstein letter: Atwater my pick for S.C. attorney general

    We need Todd Atwater as the next attorney general in South Carolina.
    I have had the opportunity to meet with Todd and believe he is the only candidate with the leadership, experience and integrity to begin restoring our faith in government and to the office of attorney general.
    Regarding Todd’s leadership, experience and integrity, he has a record of bold, conservative leadership during his eight years in the S.C. House of Representatives and in his work in the private sector. He has 26 years of legal experience and in leading large organizations.