• Notheisen letter: ‘Correct facts…are no less horrific’

    I am responding to Sarah Hernandez’s opinion piece regarding setting the facts straight on the New York state changes to their law regarding abortion. 
    While I am very much in favor of getting the facts correct whether it’s opinion or news, the correct facts in this case are no less horrific. The fact that “modern abortion techniques do not result in live birth…” is of no comfort to me. It simply means we have grown more effective in our methods of destroying life. 

  • Vogel letter: Main library to be closed during July for relocation

    Here’s a quick update on the changes happening at the Lancaster  Main Library as part of our expansion/renovation project.
    During the month of July, we are closed to public service, as we pack up nearly 50 years of memories. Some of our staff members remember coming here as little children, while others started working here when they were in high school, and are now grandmothers. 

  • Leis: Thanks to school arts supporters

    I am the music teacher at Heath Springs Elementary School. Because of grant funds we receive each year from the S.C. Arts Commission, we were able to have another great school year of increasing and improving our arts education.
    We purchased congas, xylophones and other musical instruments, needed art supplies, two sets of choir risers and a hand-held cordless microphone.
    Our students were able to perform two musicals. We had guest professional performers and teachers in visual art, mime, puppetry, dance and brass band.

  • Gregory letter: How litter kills wildlife

    Litter kills birds. Yes, if you see an owl, a hawk or another type of dead or injured bird of prey on the roadside, that’s likely the result of litter.
    When food, including apple cores and banana peels, is tossed from vehicles, it attracts rodents that these magnificent birds feed upon. When they home in on this prey, they often ignore vehicles and are killed or injured in collisions.
    So all litter – even what you may consider compostable or natural – is destructive.

  • Wille letter: Blame Obama for Iran tensions

    Tension is building around the world over Iran’s nuclear program. Who gets the blame? The United States and President Donald Trump. 
    Who should get the blame? Barack Obama. He could taste a deal with Iran as his term ended. This would make his legacy! So hungry for a deal with Iran, he could see the prize. Yet his deal was a bad one.

  • Endres & Cooper letter: IL Rotary thanks local businesses

    On behalf of the entire Indian Land Rotary Club, I would like to thank the business community and all the participants in this year’s Rotary Golf Tournament. 
    Thank you to our major sponsors for their generosity – Doctors Care, Carla Endres Allstate, Founders Federal Credit Union, the Indian Land Fall Festival, Carolina Dentistry at the State Line and Archie Boy’s Bar-B-Que. Your generosity is so appreciated. Many other companies also stepped up to help make this a huge successful event that raises funds to give back to our community.

  • Carroll letter: VW’s opposition saddens reader

    I read with sadness that Van Wyck is opposed to business development.  The only thing that will revitalize this small community are businesses. It is too bad that only a few can govern many.
    Where were those leaders that fought so hard for incorporation? They should understand that you do not make a community grow without business.
    I simply do not understand thinking on such a small scale when you want your community to grow.
    Lynne Carroll
    Indian Land

  • Giliberti letter: Great political leaders – really?

    While South Carolina has produced many national leaders over the last two centuries, opinion writer Bryan Beaty (May 8) must have been in a coma the last three years to heap praises on Lindsay Graham and Mick Mulvaney. 
    Graham, who in 2016 referred to Donald Trump as a “——— idiot,” a “moron,” a “jackass” and “totally incoherent,” and advised the RNC to kick him out of the party, now is one of The Donald’s lap dogs, who must be getting tired of kissing his super-sized gluteus maximus.

  • Rosa letter: Thanks to barbecue supporters

    A big thank you to all the people who supported the recent barbecue at Belair United Methodist Church in Indian Land.
    Many people came to enjoy the delicious barbecue  and many others generously made donations for our first annual event to support the Back-To-School Bash. All of the proceeds go to supplying new sneakers and backpacks to school children in Lancaster County.  
    Last year, due to the combined efforts of many churches and organizations, the Back-to-School Bash served more than  700 children.

  • Hernandez letter: Check facts before publishing

    I am writing to voice my concern and deep disappointment in The Lancaster News and Carolina Gateway for publishing the irresponsible, laughable and dangerous opinions of retired pastor Dr. Steve Stewart. He did not merely share an opinion, as I would hope is what this section of your paper is actually for. He propagated blatant lies and presented them as facts. 
    If you do not employ a fact checker at your publication, it would do the community a great service to employ one immediately. The community deserves the truth, plain and simple.