• Musco column: VTIL: Much of town’s budget would be taxes we already pay

    A huge portion of our town’s budget will come from tax money we already pay today.
    Every time money is spent in Indian Land, customers are charged a local option sales tax. That money is distributed between Lancaster County and the cities of Lancaster, Heath Springs, Kershaw and Van Wyck.
    Today, we do not have a claim on our own tax dollars. However, that changes when we become a town.
    What is the local option sales tax?

  • Murray column: For Sun City folks, there’s no upside to incorporating IL

    I recently attended a presentation in Sun City Carolina Lakes by the pro-incorporation group and those who don’t support the Indian Land incorporation effort.
    After listening closely to both presentations, I am convinced that incorporation is not the best option for us.

  • Gordon column: Frustrating 7-year fight to slow traffic on Doby’s Bridge Road

    Doby’s Bridge Road in Indian Land is like a raceway, and the number of vehicles using this road is very high compared to years past.
    My main concern is to get people to slow down for the curve in front of my home, which is near Gordon Drive just before the bridge.
    I have helped many people on this turn who have wrecked their vehicles. There have been multiple unreported wrecks I myself have witnessed.
    For years, people have been driving recklessly and passing stopped school buses. I have sent in so many videos of people passing school buses.

  • Redmond column: Council represents all, not just those in Indian Land

    In response to John Delfausse’s column Dec. 27 asking a lot of leading questions about why Lancaster County Council doesn’t give Indian Land the support he wants, here’s the answer, sir: County Council is responsible for the betterment of the entire county, not just Indian Land.

  • Faile: Let’s set record straight on IL town costs

    Much has been spoken and written about the future of law enforcement in Indian Land if the incorporation effort is successful.
    I want to share a few comments to set the record straight.
    Section 23-13-70 of the S.C. Code of Laws sets out the responsibilities of deputy sheriffs in our state: “The deputy sheriffs shall patrol the entire county at least twice weekly by sections assigned to each by the sheriff, remaining on duty at night when occasion and circumstances suggest the propriety thereof to prevent or detect crime or to make an arrest.”

  • Pettus column: What will incorporation do for longtime residents, besides raise taxes?

    In reading John Delfausse’s guest column in the Dec. 27 issue, I have several things that I don’t quite understand.
    He starts out by bashing Lancaster County Council on a number of issues, which I actually agree with. It’s true that poor planning has had an impact on where we are today. I doubt, however, there has ever been a council of any county or municipality that has received 100 percent support from its constituents.

  • Scott column: Tax reform a Christmas gift to the people

    My story is no secret. I grew up in a single-parent household in North Charleston. My mom worked 16-hour days as a nurse’s aide to provide for my brother and me. At times, we had to use the oven to heat the house. There were also times when we couldn’t afford Christmas presents.

  • Newton column: 3 issues Legislature must address

    The General Assembly will be back in session this month, and although last year’s session covered a lot of ground, the next one likely will bring big challenges, including the abandonment of the V.C. Summer nuclear plant project in Fairfield County, pension reform and the opioid crisis.
    Nuclear plant debacle
    V.C. Summer was a joint venture between two electric companies: SCANA and Santee-Cooper. Luckily for us, this plant was not responsible for our part of the state, as we get our power from Duke Energy and local electric cooperatives.

  • Delfausse column: With IL incorporation, the county reaps what it sows

    Did you read today’s (Dec. 27) front-page article, headlined “Devastating fallout for other towns: If IL incorporates, Lancaster, Kershaw and Heath Springs will pay’’?
    People need to ask themselves: If Indian Land is so important to the county and the municipalities in the county, why has Lancaster County Council not taken better care of Indian Land?
    Why has County Council snubbed our two Indian Land county councilmen by not appointing either of them to a chair position?

  • Zaugg Column: Salvation Army grateful

    Monetary gifts of all sizes find their way into the familiar red buckets of The Salvation Army: bills, coins and just recently, a small gold coin. From perfectly manicured hands, to rough and ragged ones – all sorts of hands eagerly contribute their gifts to help the less fortunate. A most touching moment is watching the hand of a young child press his money into the bucket, then look up and smile.