• Imagine Lancaster without USCL

    Many of you know me. I have taught philosophy and logic at the University of South Carolina at Lancaster for nearly 27 years. I have served as dean since 2001. My wife works at Brooklyn Springs Elementary School. My three children have gone to the public schools here, and the oldest two started their college careers at USCL. My youngest is a junior at Lancaster High School. In all those years, I have never written an editorial. I have purposefully avoided politics and public arguments, choosing instead to concentrate on what this area needs most – more education.

  • Don’t let Sanford amputate USCL

     I read with great interest the article on Gov. Sanford’s proposal to close the University of South Carolina at Lancaster. 

  • USCL model for other schools

    Editor’s note: Sen. Mick Mulvaney presented this letter to Gov. Mark Sanford on opening day of the 2009 S.C. General Assembly.


  • Freshman rep ready for new job

     After my Nov. 4 election as a freshman representative in the S.C. House, I was reminded by an optometry school classmate that I haven’t been a freshman in over 20 years. 

  • Why transparency matters

    Our governor got a lot of attention a week or so ago when he threatened to refuse to borrow unemployment benefits money from the federal government until the South Carolina Employment Security Commission provided some details on how it operates. And while the details of that move could make a good column in itself, I think it is worthwhile to use it as an introduction into the issue of “government transparency,” which promises to be a hot topic when the Legislature returns to Columbia this week.

  • Respect office of presidency

    It is understandable that there is much skepticism concerning President-elect Barack Obama from the 48 percent of the electorate that did not vote for him. As a conservative, I think many of his campaign positions on social and economic issues to be nothing more than repackaged socialism.

    For decades the advocation of these same positions by less-skilled politicians has failed to gain traction. President-elect Obama, however, is a superbly skilled politician operating in uncertain times.

  • Water tower logo reveals pride in community

    The Lancaster News puts forth great effort to print news, sports and special events from all areas of Lancaster County in a fair and unbiased manner.

    On the editorial page, printed under the caption “opinion” the staff at the paper uses this column to give us their opinion on various topics that arise from time to time.

    We, the readers of The Lancaster News, enjoy reading this section of the paper as various topics are featured on select topics concerning our county, state and nation. The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees them this right.

  • Recapture the joy of childhood

    It’s that time of year when our hearts and minds turn toward friends and family. We seek out those who have brought meaning to our lives and have touched us in positive ways.

    Recently, I talked with a family that had just returned from Disneyland. It was so much fun to listen to the two young children laugh and giggle about what they saw and the new places they went.

    Watching these two children prance about in their mouse ears and rave about this and that reminded me that our children lose their innocence all too quickly in these modern times.

  • Consider all options for improving South Carolina education

    For years there has been abundant discussion about public education in South Carolina. Some people want to continue the status quo, and some agitate for change. Funding has increased over the past 40 years, and now amounts to an average $11,480 per student. Yet we are still last in the nation in SAT scores, achievement scores and graduation rates.

  • Carolina Gateway online at last