• Thomas column: We need a rec culture like Rock Hill

    Over the past two decades, our neighbors on the other side of the Catawba River have made significant investments in their sports and recreation amenities.
    With annual recreation spending of $81 per resident, the city of Rock Hill sends a strong message to the region that it is a sports-minded community with a competitive spirit.

  • Newton column: Why I'm running for S.C. House again

    First, I want to say thank you to the people of Lancaster and York counties for allowing me to represent you in Columbia. It has been truly humbling to be chosen to represent my community in the General Assembly. While it seems hard to imagine that the 2016 election was almost two years ago, election time is near and I am asking for your vote to continue to represent you in Columbia.

  • Doyle column: Who is running the country as Trump creates endless havoc?

    After the latest turmoil in Washington regarding Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort and others close to our president, I think now is definitely the time for change in our federal government.
    Soon, I believe, the evidence will emerge proving President Donald Trump to be a liar, a womanizer, a bully and a person who colluded with the Russians in order to become president. Mr. Trump wants to be the center of everyone’s attention and likes to have everything done his way. If not, he tends to create havoc.

  • Helms column: Watch your mail for tax bill

    The real estate tax books opened Sept. 30. The property tax bills for real estate (homes and commercial buildings) and personal property (boats, business furniture and equipment, etc.) are mailed soon after that.
    Tax payments are due by Jan. 16 to avoid penalty. While nobody likes getting a tax bill, it’s important that they are sent to the correct address. Having the correct address on file is the taxpayer’s responsibility, and that prevents you from having a late fee due because you never received the bill.

  • Johnson column: Decades working in probate court make me best candidate for job

    Why choose me as your next probate judge?
    I am a lifelong resident of Lancaster County with 25 years of experience in our probate court. I know the procedures. I know what is working, what needs improvement and how to improve it. I have the patience, understanding and compassion to help families through the long and unfamiliar legal process after the loss of a loved one.

  • Ghartey-Tagoe column: Duke thanks all who are aiding state’s recovery after Florence

    Entire towns submerged. Homes and businesses destroyed. Lives lost.
    Hurricane Florence has devastated communities and impacted thousands of lives across South Carolina, particularly in the Pee Dee region. While some are anxiously waiting for the floodwaters to recede, the clean-up effort is under way in some places as we get through this trying time together.

  • Scott column: Barring new evidence, I will vote for Kavanaugh

    The past few weeks have been gut-wrenching for our nation, and for the families of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
    We continue to confront how we can move forward as a society after looking the other way as women have been mistreated and abused for generations, and how that interacts with available evidence and the ability to determine culpability for past actions.

  • Buck column: Elect me for my 35 years of school experience

    I am asked frequently what I have to offer the community as a school board member. My answer is simple: a lifetime of experience in educating children.
    I have spent nearly 35 years in public education, living my dedication to children as a classroom teacher, school administrator and district administrator. I have worked with thousands of children and fellow educators, and I know firsthand the challenges they face daily.

  • Melton column: Fear of another Hugo makes us shudder

    If you are old enough to remember the night Hurricane Hugo sucker-punched this part of the state 29 years ago, you’re probably spending today telling people how horrible it was.
    And you’re warning them not to ignore the predictions about Florence, the 500-mile-wide Category 4 storm pointed straight at the Carolinas coast. Landfall is expected late Thursday.

  • Parnell column: 2 big things I would fix in tax code

    There are so many things wrong with our tax code, and most politicians try to capitalize on this by making broad generalizations and promises that they can’t possibly deliver. I’m not going to do that.
    Instead, today I’d like to talk about two things you might not realize about our current tax code and how, together, we can change them.