• Watkins column: Don’t abolish the Electoral College

    Like him or not, Donald Trump is your president. 
    You may say that he didn’t win the popular vote, and you would be correct. Pat yourself on the back for understanding something that 66 percent of Americans don’t. He did win the Electoral College vote.

  • Cranor column: Donald Trump is doing his job

    In 2016, America saw one of its the most bitter election battles between two candidates – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This battle, though, was not only fought by the candidates, but by the citizens of America and the media as well.

  • Harris column: Who should be running country?

    This is in response to Sonny Jim Doyle’s recent guest column in Carolina Gateway. Apparently, Mr. Doyle thinks that the president is charged with “running the country.” Fortunately, that is not the case.

  • McDow column: How to choose the best Medicare option for you

    With Medicare open enrollment running through Dec. 7, here’s a question I’m hearing often.
    What is better – original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan?
    The first approach would include original Medicare Parts A (hospital) and B (doctors), which usually cover 80 percent of your medical cost, plus a Medicare supplement (also called Medigap insurance) sold by private insurance companies, which helps pay the 20 percent that original Medicare doesn’t cover. This approach would require a Medicare Part D (prescription) plan.

  • Scoppe Column: 10 reasons to vote for appointing the S.C. schools superintendent

    If you like having politicians run important state agencies instead of professionals who actually know what they’re doing, you should vote “no” on Constitutional Amendment 1 on Tuesday’s S.C. election ballots. Ditto if you think it makes sense that the governor has no more control over South Carolina’s most important duty than any one of the 124 House members.

  • St. Louis: Vote for Parnell to protect Medicare and Social Security

    How many of you have a preexisting condition such as diabetes, heart problems or maybe cancer? How many of you depend on Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security? How many of you are realizing an increase in income due to the Republican tax cuts? 
    The Republicans tried and failed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, which allows individuals with preexisting conditions to purchase health insurance at an affordable rate. I have yet to see their replacement plan, and our Republican governors have rejected billions of dollars in Medicaid.

  • Gregory column: Vote yes on education change and recreation bond

    I’d like to share my thoughts on a couple of ballot questions Lancaster County voters are considering.
    First, Amendment 1 is a constitutional amendment put forward by the S.C. General Assembly. It asks if the S.C. Constitution should be changed in order to allow future governors to appoint the state superintendent of education, as is done in most states.

  • Scoppe column: Why James Smith is one of my favorite candidates for governor, and incumbent McMaster is the other one

    I wish I could remember the moment, like I can so vividly with Henry McMaster, when I first became impressed by James Smith. I can’t.
    I don’t have a store of great stories about him. I can’t even recall the first time I met him.
    I covered the S.C. Legislature for eight years before he was elected to the House, but in my mind, Rep. Smith is just one of those people I’ve never not known and respected.

  • Faile column: Chamber backs recreation bond

    The Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce encourages you to vote in favor of the county recreation bond on the Nov. 6 ballot.
    The chamber understands that to retain and recruit talent, a community must be competitive on many levels, and fortunately we have many of the components in place that make Lancaster County a great place to live and work.

  • Langston column: Why we are voting for Parnell

    My husband, Tom, and I are voting for Archie Parnell for Congress, and I would like to tell you why.  
    We met Archie when he first declared his intention to run for office in early 2017, and my husband began to work as a volunteer for his campaign. During these almost two years, we have come to know him and his family well. He is, without a doubt, one of the finest people we have met.