• Melton column: Mulvaney faces scrutiny over NOAA’s Trump defense

    The last time I wrote about Mick Mulvaney on this page was in January 2017.
    The Indian Land Republican was preparing to vacate his 5th District U.S. House seat 23 days into his fourth term, hoping to become President Donald Trump’s first budget director.
    Amid Mulvaney’s confirmation hearing, a nanny-tax kerfuffle had emerged from his past. I wrote that his tax problem, while worrisome and revealing, didn’t seem like a deal-breaker to me. Senators accepted his explanation of a simple oversight, now corrected, and he got the job.

  • Pertler column: Senior year coincides with 9/11 anniversary

    At my house we are entering another senior year. As senior years go, I consider myself fairly experienced. I’ve relished in and endured a handful so far (if we’re counting my own and my husband’s). And that’s only high school. College is another story.
    But this senior year is special, and not just because my last and final child is (hopefully) graduating in the spring. This senior year is special because of what happened to all of us 18 years ago.

  • Schaffer column: Latest orange vest rally focuses on gun violence

    Forty-five constituents of Congressman Ralph Norman’s 5th District, wearing orange vests to symbolize their overall dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump, rallied in front of Norman’s Rock Hill office Aug. 27. They wanted to let the congressman know their point of view on gun violence in South Carolina and the nation.
    The majority of the group was from Lancaster County’s Panhandle, but also included about 10 from Lancaster, two from Kershaw and three from North Carolina.

  • Vaughn column: I will never forget Lilly Schroeder

    I sat for six days in the Lancaster County Courthouse, focused on the short life of Lilly Schroeder and the terrible way it ended.
    On Aug. 19, the person accused of beating the 3-year-old to death was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.
    Most of the time, I can compartmentalize the horrific things I hear and see behind courtroom doors – not dwelling on them until it’s time to write the story. But this case followed me home every night.

  • Gregory column: Update on local road construction, repairs

    South Carolina’s fuel tax has increased by a total of 6 cents over the last three years. Hopefully, the cost seems justified now that resurfacing projects are seen in every direction.

    While our tax is still the 12th lowest in the country, combined with the county’s local 1-cent sales tax the increase has us making progress in repairing our roads.

  • Howey column: Loss of Kellin leaves a void

    There’s a void as the 2019 Lancaster County high school football season nears.
    With each season and each team, there’s always holes to fill, but the gap I’m thinking about is the loss of a fixture on the Andrew Jackson High School football sidelines.
    That’s David Kellin, who died last month at his Kershaw home.
    When I say a void, I truly mean it.
    A few seasons back, we lost our AJ Vols sports correspondent just before the season began.
    We were in a bind as the season was quickly drawing close.

  • St. Louis column: I’m convinced – Trump’s rants show he is a racist

    Generally, successful protests for changes in government policies come from the bottom. Citizens gain strength through a groundswell of protests that finally convince Congress to change course. 
    The movement for racial equality was brought on by numerous brave blacks protesting in restaurants, buses and streets across the nation.
    I experienced this change in the 1960s as the white schools had to accept blacks into their community of students.

  • Capps column: Key element of road safety: Obey the rules in construction zones

    Carolina Gateway recently observed traffic problems resulting from the many road construction projects taking place in our county.
    The other day, I drove through four work zones across Lancaster County, starting on S.C. 903 and ending in Indian Land on U.S. 521. With the increase in road funding, we can expect to see a lot more work in the years to come – all of it helping bring much-needed relief to our long-ignored road needs.

  • Faile column: The least-noticed part of law enforcement – incarceration

    Much of what the public sees of the criminal justice system is from news and television programs that show the front end – the arrests and investigations by law enforcement – and the back end – the courtrooms and trials.

  • Rogers column: Is my house going to explode?

    A house in the Ballantyne community of southern Mecklenburg County exploded July 2, killing one owner and injuring another. The Charlotte Fire Department reported that a natural gas leak was the likely cause.

    With the recent events in the area to the north of Lancaster County, we have seen an increase in calls for the smell of gas, checks on alarm systems, and possible gas leaks over the past few weeks.