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  • Mulvaney has experience we need

    I support S.C. Rep. Mick Mulvaney for the District 45 Senate seat. My experience with him has been consistently marked by his unbridled energy, enthusiasm and interest in his being a representative to all his constituents.

    Coupled with his energy, interest and enthusiasm is a forward-looking, fiscally conservative insight into the political process and the sometimes questionable practices by some of our lawmakers. For example, witness the recent back-door pay raise that Mulvaney helped defeat.

  • Coming Soon!

    Religion information is coming soon.

  • Karma’s story moves councilmen

    Jenny Hartley


    Karma, an abused Labrador retriever now being cared for by Indian Land residents Summer Kingery and Ken Hedges, was mentioned at County Council’s meeting April 28, when council was discussing second reading of an ordinance to toughen several of the county’s animal laws.

    Pictures of Karma were passed around to council members, showing how a collar had been embedded in the dog’s neck, probably for 18 months, leaving bloody gashes and an infection.

  • Learn more about S.C.’s new virtual high school

    Insight School of South Carolina

    COLUMBIA – A new virtual public high school set to open this fall is generating a lot of buzz from parents and students alike across South Carolina.

    But what, exactly, is a virtual high school and how does it work? Parents, students and interested community members will get a chance to find out at a series of information sessions hosted by Insight School of South Carolina.

  • Sprinkle visits ILES

    Chris McGinn

    For Carolina Gateway

    More than 1,000 Indian Land Elementary School students filled the school’s gymnasium April 30 for a visit from WCNC meteorologist Larry Sprinkle.

    It was his first visit to Indian Land schools, and his largest audience of the year, he said.

    He visits two to three schools each week to give talks about weather safety, careers in weather and other topics.

    Sprinkle was greeted by chants of his name from the crowd of kindergarten through fifth-grade students.

  • Doctors earn MRO status

    Palmetto Tri-County Internal Medicine

    Dr. Fred Michael Kimbrell and Dr. Trey Knight of Palmetto Tri-County Internal Medicine recently qualified as certified medical review officers.

  • County to split fees with schools?

    Jenny Hartley


    Lancaster County Council is considering collecting fees from developers that could go to the Lancaster County School District.

    Council has started talking about splitting the fees it collects through development agreements for residential developers 60/40 with the school district. For example, if the county collects $10,000 per home, $4,000 of that would go to the school district.

  • Relay for Life

    The Relay for Life event was held at Lancaster High School on April 25th and 26th.

  • County budget funds new IL staff

    Jenny Hartley


    Lancaster County’s new budget is 5 percent higher than last year’s, and much of the increase will cover additional personnel in the Panhandle.

    “Most of that’s for Indian Land,” said Lancaster County Finance Director Veronica Thompson.

    County Council was to consider first reading of the 2008-2009, $30.2 million budget at Monday night’s meeting. Last year’s budget was $28.9 million.

    In its current form, the new budget contains no tax increase.

  • Dog seeking good home as he recovers from neglect

    Karma isn’t shy with the kisses.

    The Labrador retriever, about 2 years old, is staying with Ravenwood residents Summer Kingery and Ken Hedges right now. Kingery, an active member of the Humane Society of Lancaster County, is trained in animal behavior.

    Karma was doling out kisses at Curtsinger Animal Clinic in Indian Land on April 9, even though he had a collar embedded in his neck. The collar constricted Karma’s neck so badly that his barks came out as high-pitched squeals. The stench of the infection in Karma’s neck was awful.