Crime Reports

  • Bobcat and trailer stolen from Carter Quality Plumbing

    The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the theft of a trailer and excavator from Carter Quality Plumbing, 1408 Rock Hill Highway (S.C. 5) on Aug. 11.  
    Video surveillance footage shows what appears to be a silver four-door Ram pickup drive to the rear of the property just after 7:30 p.m.
    An unidentified male got out of the truck, hooked a trailer with a Bobcat excavator on it to the truck, and drove off the property with the Bobcat and the trailer.  

  • $12,000 missing from IL home

    Keeping a huge stockpile of cash around the house cost one Panhandle man $12,000, according to an Aug. 24 sheriff’s office report.
    The incident report said a 71-year-old Millstone Creek resident called 911 about an hour after receiving notice of his burglar alarm going off at home. The man said the only thing missing was $12,000 in cash he kept in a small wooden box in his desk drawer.
    The reporting deputy noted $20 and $100 bills stacked neatly on the man’s desk, totaling $760, which the man said was left in the box.

  • Crime Watch 8-16-17

    From Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office reports:
    ◆ Eight teens were cited for possession of beer or wine at the Bailes Ridge Nature Trail in Indian Land on Aug. 4. About 11 other subjects were also present, but not cited. Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene about 9:45 p.m. after a complaint about “whooping and hollering” in the woods, according to a police report.
    One deputy approached a running vehicle in the parking lot, while the other went into the woods to make contact with other subjects.

  • Thwarted shoplifter tries Plan B at Lowe’s

    Sometimes when the first plan doesn’t work, it pays to improvise.
    Two women walked into the Lowes home improvement store at U.S. 521 and S.C. 160 about noon July 22 and made their way to the lawn tool section, where one of them picked out a backpack blower priced at  $259, according to a Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office incident report.
    The women then went to the garden-section exit, where one of them tried to leave with the blower, but was stopped by a cashier and told to go back inside the store to check out.

  • Crime Watch 8-9-17

    From Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office reports:
    ◆ A Concord, N.H., woman was arrested for public disorderly conduct June 28 after a deputy found her in the Red Ventures parking garage without any pants on.
    The incident report said the deputy responded to the location shortly before 1 p.m., where he found a security guard detaining 28-year-old Kaela Robitaille, whom employees had seen extremely intoxicated in the parking garage.

  • Sheriff's office seeks info on suspects

    The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office received reports of a number of vehicle break-ins in the areas off Regency Park and Harrisburg roads over the July 15-16 weekend.
    There were at least two suspects and the possible suspect’s vehicle is a tan-colored Lincoln.
    The sheriff’s office is seeking the public’s help identifying the suspects in the accompanying photos.

  • $10,000 in jewelry stolen from Indian Land home

    An Indian Land woman and her daughter reported the theft of an estimated $10,000 in jewelry last month.
    According to the recently obtained incident report, the mother, 45, called the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office on June 19 after returning from a weekend trip to find the jewelry missing from the home she shares with her daughter in the 4300 block of Perth Road.
    The woman said there was only one other person at the house while she was away, a 25-year-old male acquaintance her 19-year-old daughter invited over without permission June 17 who stayed overnight.

  • Crime Watch 7-15-17

    From Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office incident reports:
    • The loss prevention associate at Walmart in Indian Land reported June 17 that someone driving a black pickup stole a work trailer containing electrical materials parked outside of the store overnight.
    The report noted that surveillance cameras captured the incident but were unable to provide any useful evidence.
    The value of the trailer and equipment was estimated at $15,000.

  • Crime Watch 6-21-17

    From Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office reports:
    ◆ Two iPhone 7s were reported stolen June 9 from an AT&T store in Indian Land. The store manager reported that three men had entered the store at 1:50 p.m. and after they left, she discovered that two phones were missing from behind the counter. The report said the manager was distracted with another customer while the unidentified suspects were in the store. The total value of the phones was $1,400.

  • FBI to look into sex video case

    The York County Sheriff’s Office and FBI are reportedly investigating a dissemination of obscenity case against two Indian Land residents involving a pornographic video posted to social media by a spurned girlfriend.
    Though the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office was originally involved in the investigation, sheriff’s office spokesman Doug Barfield said its investigation revealed the social media postings did not occur in the county and so no crime occurred here.