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    Religion information is coming soon.

  • JAARS hosts Check-IT-Out

    Waxhaw – JAARS is hosting

    a joint special event with

    Wycliffe Bible Translators called

    “Check-IT-Out” for information

    technology and software

    development professionals this

    weekend at the JAARS center

    in Waxhaw.

    Conference topics include

    Introduction to the World of

    Wycliffe; Business Application

    Software; Language and Translation

    Support Software; Challenging

    Language Scripts; Telecommunication


    International Training; demonstrations

  • Follow Bible’s guidance to find the ‘right way’

    There seems to be a lot of

    confusion about the right

    way today.

    Could it be because we have

    so many versions of the Bible,

    so many different denominations

    or so many false preachers

    and teachers that they are

    the reason for this confusion?

    Satan has perverted the word

    of God, called his ministers

    and put them in our houses of

    worship to teach and preach a

    perverted gospel. Read II Corinthians


    In Ephesians 4:4-6, the King