Meet Your Neighbors

  • Meet Your Neighbor: Zeb Green

    Name: Zeb Green
    Neighborhood and how long you’ve lived in Indian Land: Dogwood Trail Lane; lived here for eight years
    Family: Wife, Mary Jo; daughter, Barbara; sons, Steve and Michael
    Pets: One cat
    Job: Retired from Sam’s Club
    Church: Belair United Methodist Church
    Hobbies: None
    Favorite TV show: “Wheel of Fortune”
    Favorite food: All foods, except spaghetti
    Favorite getaway: Mountains
    What are you most proud of? My family

  • Meet Your Neighbor:

    Name: Ashley Valencic, 27
    Neighborhood and how long you’ve lived in Indian Land: Charlotte Highway, 6-month resident
    Family: Husband, Ryan; daughter, Addison, 5 months
    Pets: Two boxers – Roxy and Achilles
    Job: Optometrist at Carolina Vision
    Church: United Methodist
    Hobbies: Basketball, visiting family, scrapbooking
    Favorite book: “Harvesting the Heart” by Jodi Picoult
    Favorite food: Steak and shrimp
    Favorite getaway: Family’s lakehouse at Lake Chautauqua, N.Y.

  • Meet Your Neighbor: Ryan Valencic

    Name: Ryan Valencic, 28
    Neighborhood: Charlotte Highway
    Family: Wife, Ashley, 27; daughter, Addison, 5 months
    Pets: Two boxers, Achilles and Roxy
    Job: Chiropractor at Carolina Spine
    Hobbies: Hockey, hunting, traveling and spending time with family
    Favorite book or movie: “Remember the Titans”
    Favorite food: Steak
    Favorite getaway: Wife’s family’s lake house

  • Meet Your Neighbor: Jacob Gamble

    Name: Jacob “Big A” Gamble, 24
    Neighborhood: Bearwood Lane; have lived here for 20 years
    Family: I live mith my roommates, Ashley and Matt
    Pets: Three cats – Alice, Luna and the Governor
    Job: Computer tech
    Hobbies: Sleeping, eating, sleep-eating, festivals, people-watching
    Favorite book or movie: “Harold and the Purple Crayon”
    Favorite food: Chicken Karma or maybe a nice piece of candy
    Favorite getaway: I don’t care where, just far away

  • Meet Your Neighbor: Angie Wilkerson

    Name: Angie Wilkerson, 45
    Neighborhood and how long you’ve lived in Indian Land: Fort Mill Highway; moved here last fall
    Family: Bob; children: Madeline, 16, Jack, 14, Brady, 12, and Charlotte, 10
    Job: Owner of AMW Tutorial Service
    Church: Working on it
    Hobbies: Working with kids, photography, travel
    Favorite food: Anything Asian
    Favorite getaway: Disney
    What are you most proud of and why? My family, my business and my faith – they made me who I am today,

  • Meet Your Neighbor: Matt Wilburn

    Name: Matt Wilburn, 26
    Neighborhood: Huntingdon Drive
    Family: Wife, Cindy
    Pets: Dog, Harley
    Job: Commercial property adjuster with Montgomery Insurance
    Church: Elevation Church
    Hobbies: Weightlifting, stock market
    Favorite book: “The Great Gatsby”
    Favorite movie: “Terminator 2”
    Favorite food: Captain Steve’s shrimp platter
    Favorite getaway: Boone, N.C.

  • Meet Your Neighbor: Daniel and Patrick French

    Name: Daniel and Patrick French, both 13
    Neighborhood: Wilson Street, Fort Mill
    Family: Parents, Denise and Hugh French
    Pets: One cat
    Job: Home-schooled students
    Church: First Baptist Church in Fort Mill
    Hobbies: Reading (both) and playing (Daniel)
    Favorite book or movie: The Bible (both)
    Favorite food: Hamburgers (Daniel); chicken (Patrick)
    Favorite getaway: California (Daniel); West Virginia (Patrick)
    What are you most proud of and why? Being a Christian (both)

  • Meet Your Neighbor: Jamie Laney

    Name: James “Jamie” Laney, 46
    Address: Dogwood Trail Lane; lifelong Indian Land resident
    Family: Wife, Sherry, 46; sons, Levi, 19 and Sam, 18; daughter, Savanna, 16
    Job: Co-owner of Laney Brothers Roofing
    Church: Calvary Freewill Baptist Church
    Pets: Two English springer spaniels, one Jack Russell terrier mix and a cat
    Hobbies: Scouting program,camping, climbing
    Favorite book: Bible
    Favorite movie: “Nacho Libre”
    Favorite food: Mexican
    Favorite getaway: Mountains

  • Meet Your Neighbor: JoAnn Maran

    Name: JoAnn Maran, 66
    Address: Kennedy Drive; moved here about four months ago
    Family: Husband, Tom
    Job: Retired nurse
    Hobbies: Knitting, crocheting and plants
    Favorite book: Anyhting by Nicholas Sparks
    Favorite food: Pasta
    Favorite getaway: Las Vegas
    What are you most proud of and why? My career as a nurse – I did home health care and felt I made a difference in my clients’ lives.

  • Meet Your Neighbor: Ashley Osborne

    Name: Ashley Osborne, 23

    Address: Bolick Road

    Pet: Bianca, a dwarf Russian hamster

    Job: Assistant manager at Potter Construction

    Hobbies: Painting, drawing and playing video games

    Favorite movie: “Harold and Maude”

    Favorite book: “The Hobbit”

    Favorite food: Chick-fil-A

    Favorite getaway: The North Carolina mountains, especially Boone