Woods letter: Vet recognition by an unknown

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This past Saturday (Jan. 19) I attended a Fort Mill community charity event.
During the event, an auction was held and one of the items for auction was a beautiful Quilt of Valor made for dedication to U.S. veterans. The person who made the quilt was also the auctioneer. She choked up while explaining the importance of the quilt, but maintained enough composure to ask all veterans attending the event to stand for recognition.
About three of us stood and received a grateful recognition from the attendees.
A lady in the front row bid on the quilt and won the bid that was in the three-figures range. Much to my surprise, she presented the quilt to me as I was one of the veterans who stood. The lady did not know me, she only saw me standing when the vets were asked to stand.
After the event closed, the lady and I met. We exchanged names (her name is Liz) and had a short discussion. She thanked me for my service during the Vietnam War and I thanked her for her kindness and generosity.
Liz did not know me, but she knew veterans, as her recently deceased husband was a vet of the Korean War.
I thank her, and all like her, for the recognition of past service of the country’s veterans. Liz may not be a veteran, but she is certainly a U.S. patriot in my eyes.
Thank you, Liz.
Nelson Woods
Indian Land