Starnes column: County Council has sold us out

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Guest columnist Sylvia Starnes is a longtime Indian Land resident.

I am writing in reference to several letters that I have read over the past months concerning the proposed town of Indian Land.
Just to give some background, my family is originally from Indian Land (150 or so years), and my parents moved down to Lancaster when I was a small child.
My husband and I moved back to Indian Land 27 years ago so that our children could attend a small community school and we could build a home on the original family land. I have many fond memories of Lancaster and Indian Land.
Several people have commented that we here in Indian Land are elitist and only want things to go our way. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth.
In the last 27 years, I have experienced Indian Land’s growth – from having only a caution light at the intersection of U.S. 521 and S.C. 160 to the current congested debacle that it is today.
I feel that our County Council has let us down. They continue to approve housing developments with four houses per acre, plus townhomes and apartments, and have given no consideration to the infrastructure.
I live 7 miles from my job, which is located on 160. Years ago, I could make this commute in a little over 10 minutes. Now, it takes 30 minutes.
If you travel to Charlotte for your job, I know you understand the frustration we here in Indian Land feel every day. We don’t even try to go north on 521 until after 7 p.m. because of the bumper-to-bumper traffic. Once the school day ends, 521 is a parking lot.
I am all for change, but planned change that takes into consideration the burden that County Council puts on each of us every time they approve another subdivision. I understand that there are several thousand more homes already approved to be built in Indian Land.
When will the County Council begin to consider what it is doing to us in the north? Can we please get some common-sense decisions among the members? How about limiting the number of homes per acre as a start?
We need help now with the congestion since the council has already approved these homes, which will mean thousands more cars on our highways.
I have a lot of family and friends in Lancaster, and I do have a sense of loyalty to our county for the years that it has supported us in Indian Land.
I am voting no on incorporating Indian Land because I am not happy with the way the current group has handled the proposal. A lot of newcomers have made the vote a “them and us” type of scenario. However, unless some real progress is made with the County Council on handling the growth, you can bet that it will not be long until a more educated and united group surfaces that will make Indian Land a town.
I love Lancaster and the people, but we have been sold out by the council so that the county can get the increased tax revenue. Greed will take more dollars away from Lancaster than they ever had to begin with.