St. Anthony relics coming to OLOG

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from Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church
Two relics of St. Anthony of Padua, the much-loved 13th-century Saint of Lost Things, will visit Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church on April 13.
The church, at 7095 Waxhaw Highway in Indian Land, will hold Masses that day at noon and 7 p.m. Veneration will begin after the noon Mass and last until the 7 p.m.
St. Anthony was one of the earliest members of the Franciscan Order, which was founded in 1209.
One of the relics coming to OLOG is a fragment of his floating rib. The second is skin of his cheek. Sister Lucy, one of the three seers of Fatima, venerated the relics in 1995 in her convent in Coimbra, Portugal, on the 800th anniversary of the saint’s birth.
When Pope Francis was Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires in 2000, he led a prominent procession through the streets of the Argentinian capital carrying a reliquary containing a piece of St. Anthony’s floating rib.
“There is nothing superstitious about relics,” said Mario Conte, editor of the Messenger of St. Anthony. “The real meaning of a relic is love. They are a link of love between the person who venerates and the saint.”
St. Anthony of Padua is known to millions of Catholics for “lost items.” St. Anthony intercedes with those trying to find a job, a home, faith, love, hope and mercy.
The relics coming to OLOG will be accompanied by Bortolino Maistreello, a Franciscan friar from Padua, Italy, where the saint is buried.
In a 2005 address, Pope Benedict said of relics: “By inviting us to venerate the mortal remains of the martyrs and saints, the church does not forget that, in the end, these are indeed just human bones, but they are bones that belonged to individuals touched by the living power of God. The relics of the saints are traces of that invisible but real presence which sheds light upon the shadows of the world and reveals the kingdom of Heaven in our midst.”
Bishop Robert Guglielmone gave his blessing for the relics to tour in his Charleston Diocese from April 6-15.
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church invites all to this special day of Masses with veneration.
Prayer petitions with holy cards will be distributed by Bortolino and volunteers to allow parishioners to write their prayer petition to the saint. Bortolino will bring the petitions back to the Pontifical Basilica in Padua and place them at the tomb of St. Anthony.
For details, contact Tom Muscatello at (914) 263-8841 or anthonianassociation@gmail.com.
We invite you to come and ask for St. Anthony’s intercession for more than the loss of material things, but also for loss of faith, family harmony, health, hope or peace of mind, just to name a few.
For more information, contact Tom Muscatello at (914) 263-8841 or anthonianassociation@gmail.com