Simpkins letter: Litter equals bad marketing

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Today (March 12) while traveling along routes 521, 9, 21, 5 and 522, I was struck by the visible volume of trash plus “land for sale” signs.
My wife and I have retired to Lancaster County, and we have been enjoying the benefits of this thriving area. I was a former marketing manager in the chemical and industrial gas industry.
Just to be clear, marketing is preparing to sell your product, and sales is going out and selling it.
I’m suggesting that if something isn’t done about the trash along these roads, no one will see the “for sale” signs. The hypergrowth that we’re seeing is part of the problem. Ignoring the trash will not make it go away. 
It sets up an attitude that the area doesn’t care how it looks. For example, the ramp from S.C. 21 to 5 looks like it should have a “dump garbage here” sign.
People, let’s clean up your product. You’ll get a better price and feel great while doing it.
Richard Simpkins
Indian Land