Shanor letter: Incorporation won’t solve IL traffic woes

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Small road signs are appearing throughout Indian Land saying if you want to solve our traffic problems, vote “yes” for incorporation.
I have three questions. Will the bypass be built on the east or west side of U.S. 521? Who will pay the cost to construct the highway? How long will it take to build?
Another issue is the VTIL (Voters for a Town of Indian Land) budget estimates showing annual tax revenue of $2.2 million a year from building permits and  $500,000 from business licenses and franchise fees. I guess that could be, as long as that much new construction and business growth takes place every year. But they have also said that they will control business growth, which would limit building permits and license fees.
Let’s not forget, growth generates taxes and – more importantly – jobs.
I sure hope our residents pay attention to the incorporators’ promises, realize the fantasy on costs, and vote “no.”
Glen Shanor
Indian Land