Rogosky letter: Transplant will vote no to incorporation

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I read with dismay the news about the Indian Land incorporation initiative. I am relocating with my family from Pennsylvania to South Carolina for the warm weather, nice people and especially the low taxes and low cost of living.
As someone who currently pays nearly $20,000 in property taxes, I am sensitized to any initiative that would add to the cost of living in my new intended home in Indian Land. At $7.7 million in annual budget costs (just for the starting year), this could probably add a few hundred dollars to each resident’s tax bill, and most likely increase from there in future years.
The article in the Oct. 11 edition of Carolina Gateway does not make a convincing case for why Indian Land needs to incorporate. The costs will only go up each year as more town employees are added, buildings are constructed to house the town employees and utility, maintenance, legal, etc. fees continue to be incurred.
If I am a resident of Indian Land in time for the vote, we will be voting against this initiative. I urge Indian Land residents to consider the additional ongoing financial burden they will be placing on themselves if they vote for incorporation.

Karen Rogosky,
Collegeville, Pa.