Rogers column: Newspapers launch statewide website for all public notices

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Guest columnist Bill Rogers is executive director of the S.C. Press Association.

South Carolina newspapers have launched a website where people can search for public notices published by newspapers across the state.
SCPublicNotices.com is a central repository of virtually all public notice/legal ads that have appeared in printed newspapers across the state. Ads are searchable by keyword, type of notice, date and location.
Public notices are a critical part of the legal process, notifying citizens about actions or pending actions by public bodies or the courts. SCPublicNotices.com receives uploaded public notices daily from S.C. newspapers regarding foreclosures, hearings, advertisements for bids, zoning changes, financial reports, ordinances and other government activities. 
The S.C. Press Association is assisting its members in managing the site. More than 16,000 public notices have already been posted there. Notices will remain on the site indefinitely.
There’s no better way to notify the public of government and court actions than through the combination of S.C. newspapers and SCPublicNotices.com.
Newspapers are the best vehicle for public notices because of their reach and ability to offer publication in an independent entity that cannot be altered, removed or changed. The new site is a valuable add-on where ads are uploaded to a single, searchable site that’s updated daily.
This service is provided by our state’s newspapers at no cost to taxpayers.
Most statewide press associations offer similar public notice sites. The S.C. Press Association worked with the Illinois Press Association to create the Palmetto State’s site.

The S.C. Press Association, an advocate for open government, is 166 years old and represents the state’s 15 daily and 85 weekly newspapers.