Reid Pointe voters pass special road tax

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By The Staff

Voters in the Reid Pointe subdivision off S.C. 160 voted overwhelmingly Nov. 6 to create a special tax district to repair their roads.
Out of the 257 Reid Pointe residents who voted, 246 (96 percent) voted for the tax district, while only 11 (4 percent) voted against it.
The subdivision will borrow up to $700,000 to pay for street repairs to get its roads brought up to standard and accepted into the county system.
Reid Pointe homeowners will be taxed for 20 years to pay it off.  
“We’re so ready to get our nice, new streets. We just have to get through all the hoops first,” said Lisa Bird of the Reid Pointe Homeowners Association earlier this year.
Bird said 110 of Reid Pointe’s homeowners submitted a petition to the county to have the special tax district question placed on the ballot. State law requires that the petition be signed by 15 percent of the homeowners.
Passage required 50 percent of the voters, plus one.
“It’s not a large sum of money, considering there are about 235 houses in the subdivision,” said county attorney John Weaver. “They said they wanted it done.”

Last November, county officials gave Reid Pointe’s developer a Dec. 31, 2017, deadline to file the required letters of credit to take their streets into the county system. The developer was required by ordinance to have all road construction finished by the end of last year.