Pettus column: What will incorporation do for longtime residents, besides raise taxes?

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Guest columnist Buddy Pettus is a longtime Indian Land resident.

In reading John Delfausse’s guest column in the Dec. 27 issue, I have several things that I don’t quite understand.
He starts out by bashing Lancaster County Council on a number of issues, which I actually agree with. It’s true that poor planning has had an impact on where we are today. I doubt, however, there has ever been a council of any county or municipality that has received 100 percent support from its constituents.
As I understand it, Indian Land will get one or possibly two more seats on council in 2020. This will alleviate a large part of the concerns.
Let’s face it, the new town council will most likely be made up of residents of Sun City Carolina Lakes, Legacy Park, BridgeMill and BridgeHampton. Do we really want to turn our community over to a group who has only been here six, eight or 10 years?
Those who have had property here for many years will have no more voice in how their property is controlled, and yet they will be burdened with $300-$400 (no one really knows) additional taxes each year.
To me, it would be simpler to wait until 2020, get the additional county seats, and then correct the problems going forward. The damage – as far as traffic, congestion and developments – has already happened. We can’t go back and remedy that.
He mentions McClancy and BridgeMill. McClancy bought its property and started a business years before BridgeMill was developed. I really don’t see how council had any other choice. That’s what really concerns a lot of current property owners. Someone can purchase a half-acre beside their 10- or 20-acre property and all of a sudden this new owner thinks they control the whole property.
Mr. Delfausse mentions road plans. As I understand it, TOIL (Voters for a Town of Indian Land) didn’t even budget for road maintenance or improvements.
He says he envisions a place where citizens enjoy a safe, beautiful community, a community where people will be proud to live and raise their families. Mr. Delfausse, I have lived here for 71 years and I have seen what you envision all my life. Did you not see that when you moved here?
I have one last question for Mr. Delfausse. As for longtime residents of Harrisburg, Barberville and Henry Harris roads, etc., what can they expect to receive for this extra tax burden and layer of government? You can also add in Sun City, Legacy, BridgeMill and other large developments. As I see it, you will be raising huge amounts of tax revenue and providing nothing. This doesn’t even consider the county benefits we may lose, although we are still paying for them. If the county is forced by law, as you seem to think, to provide police, road maintenance, fire and rescue, against their wishes, what kind of service should we expect then?
A similar question was asked many months ago on your website in the block that states “All questions will be answered.” I never got an answer!