Our Lady of Grace hosts mission

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from Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church
Father Thomas Hickey will lead next week’s mission at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Indian Land. The March 3-7 mission’s theme is “Does It Matter?”
In a world where increasingly more people are identifying their religion as “none,” Catholics have to face and answer the question “Does it matter?”
The world’s growing secularization has led to widespread criticism and disdain for religion, the pervasive influence of relativism has reduced truth to a matter of opinion, and the insidious narcissism of the day has yielded gods of our own invention. Phrases like “The church needs to get with the times,” or “I’m spiritual, but not religious,” or “The universe wants to bless me” are commonplace. This mission will examine how Catholics answer these questions and challenges, first for themselves and then for those around them.
Here is the mission schedule:
• Sunday: Does it matter WHOM we worship? Sunday’s homilies will focus on the Scripture readings of the day and present an overview for the mission. Each day examine the journey of a prominent 20th-century Catholic convert in light of the four characteristics of the church: one, holy, catholic and apostolic.  
• Monday: Does it matter IF we worship? Monday’s mission will focus on the growing trend of this generation to call upon “the universe” as if it is something bigger than God. This attempt to escape the need to worship will be examined in light of Romans 1:16-32.  
• Tuesday: Does it matter HOW we worship? Tuesday’s mission will deal with the perception that the church is “behind the times” and irrelevant in the modern world. This tendency to blur the unchanging message of the church will be examined in light of various Scripture passages.
• Wednesday: Does it matter WHERE we worship? Wednesday’s mission will address those who claim to be “spiritual but not religious” and the disintegration of morality that follows from such thinking. The conversation of Jesus with the woman at the well in John 4 will be used to evaluate this flight from religion.
After more than 25 years as a Baptist minister, Hickey resigned his ministry and joined the Catholic Church in 2002. To his great surprise, he was given an opportunity to study for the priesthood at Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell, Conn., with the Archdiocese of Hartford. In 2010, he was ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Henry Mansell. He has served three years as parochial vicar at St. Paul and St. Augustine parishes in Glastonbury, Conn., four years as pastor of St. Stephen parish and school in Hamden, Conn., while teaching Scripture at Holy Apostles Seminary. Hickey is now pastor of St. Mary Magdalen parish and school in Oakville, Conn.