Notheisen letter: ‘Correct facts…are no less horrific’

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I am responding to Sarah Hernandez’s opinion piece regarding setting the facts straight on the New York state changes to their law regarding abortion. 
While I am very much in favor of getting the facts correct whether it’s opinion or news, the correct facts in this case are no less horrific. The fact that “modern abortion techniques do not result in live birth…” is of no comfort to me. It simply means we have grown more effective in our methods of destroying life. 
What the change in the New York law did do (and I have read it) is remove the 24-week limit for abortion from the criminal code. So now there are no time limits on when you can have an abortion, even right up to the time the baby is ready to be born. And, unfortunately, “modern abortion techniques” will ensure there are no “babies accidentally born alive.”
Diane Notheisen
Indian Land