Mulvaney letter: Becoming town won’t solve IL growth issues

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My family lives in Indian Land, and I know many of the people promoting the incorporation of Indian Land.
I appreciate the efforts they have undertaken. However, I enthusiastically oppose incorporation. My reasons are pretty simple:
Incorporation will not reduce school overcrowding. The Lancaster County School District runs the schools, not the county. The school system is separate from the county now, and it will continue to be separate after any incorporation. Having a town changes nothing with the schools.
Incorporation, likewise, will not reduce traffic. Lancaster County will continue to grow, even if a future town of Indian Land bans all new construction. Indeed, incorporating Indian Land will likely push growth even farther south. And those cars will still drive through Indian Land on their way to Charlotte.
While the signs and promises make it sound as if incorporation will solve all of our ills, all it will really give us is yet another level of government (and, sooner or later – there is absolutely no denying it – more taxes).
I share the frustrations many of us in Indian Land have. But keep in mind much of that can be traced to a failure to plan for the growth that everyone knew was coming. Incorporating now won’t solve any of them.
The bottom line is this: more government isn’t the answer. Getting more involved in the government we have is.
Pamela Mulvaney
Indian Land