McCorkle letter: Departing board member salutes local schools

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During the past 12 years, it has been my good fortune to have served on the Lancaster County school board. I can honestly say that the members with whom I have served were and are totally dedicated to the well-being of the young people of Lancaster County.
The accomplishments have been many – even though the circumstances under which we worked were, at times, difficult. The school administration, on all levels, has always offered sound solutions to problems and concerns that needed to be addressed. They deserve to be commended for their professionalism and efforts.
Having been associated with education in some respect for more than 40 years, I feel I can make a valid judgment that the Lancaster County school board and administration are among the best I have known or know about.
The good people of Lancaster County would do well to keep the present board members in place. There should be no doubt that the present board’s knowledge and dedication will remain a great asset to our schools. Experience matters.
Although I am leaving the school board, my concern for the schools and those they serve will remain.

Thank you.
Don McCorkle
Indian Land