Man who approached boy on bike identified, not charged

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The man who approached a bike-riding child Sunday, Aug. 26, in the Walnut Creek subdivision has been identified by law enforcement and will not be charged.

A Wednesday release from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office says investigators have talked with the man and he is not the same person identified in recent social media posts.

“This incident caused a good bit of legitimate concern among area residents,” said Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile. “I am happy we got to the bottom of it. Lots of social media activity and communication among various HOA [homeowners association] members occurred, which is a good thing.”

On Monday, the sheriff’s office urged Panhandle residents to be cautious and on the lookout after a man approached a 12-year-old boy Sunday on Cortland Drive in the Walnut Creek subdivision, which is near U.S. 521 and Waxhaw Highway.

The boy was riding bicycles with a friend and that friend’s dad, and had lagged a little distance behind the father and son. The stranger was driving a small silver sedan thought to be a Honda Accord, and pulled alongside the boy.

He talked to the boy about baseball and invited the boy to his home to play ball with his grandchildren. The man did not make physical contact with the boy or try to coerce the boy to get in his car.

The man, now identified, is not a registered sex offender and no laws were violated during the incident, according to the Wednesday statement.

“Residents should be aware of incidents that occur in their communities,” Faile said. “However, some of what was published by third parties about this case was not true. Citizens with information about matters under investigation should report that information to us. We have the resources to investigate these incidents and find the truth about what happened and who did it.”


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