Local students honor their teachers

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IL winners in distict's My Favorite teacher contests

Lancaster School District holds annual art and essay contests that ask students to share their views on their favorite teachers. The winners are announced and published during Teacher Appreciation Week, April 29-May 3 this year. These are the Indian Land winners in the districtwide contest.

First-place winner: Jade Crutchfield

Indian Land Elementary School second-grader Jade Crutchfield won first place in the kindergarten-second grade art contest with a drawing honoring her teacher, Michelle Anderson.

Second-place winner: Lena Shelton

Harrisburg Elementary School fifth-grader Lena Shelton won second place in the grades three-five contest with this essay honoring her teacher, Michael Gutmann.

He’s thoughtful and values students

This award should go to a teacher that is thoughtful, full of ideas and a teacher that values their students. I believe that Mr. Gutmann is that teacher. Mr. Gutmann is always developing new ideas that are interesting, challenging and are still fun. He makes class more enjoyable than any other class.

Something else that stands out in Mr. Gutmann is his thoughtfulness, and how much he values his students. If Mr. Gutmann sees you struggling, he will come over and help you, explaining every step and making sure you understand.
 Mr. Gutmann’s hard work ethic and perseverance inspires others, including me, to push hard and learn from mistakes. Another thing is that when something is hard, it doesn’t mean you don’t try, it just means you try harder.
Mr. Gutmann is the best teacher I’ve had. He has set off a light bulb in my head. He has really made me think about my school work. For example, when my class was reading a book, Mr. Gutmann would ask questions that would make you think deep.
I have learned many great things from Mr. Gutmann, things that will help me as a person, and in life.

Third-place winner: Lena Shelton

Harrisburg Elementary School fourth-grader Jonathan Adrian Popa won third place in the grades three-five contest with this essay honoring his teacher, Jade Nobles.
She helps me answer my questions

My teacher’s name is Mrs. Nobles and she helps me answer any of my questions!
An example would be how I did not understand a fraction and how it would be equivalent to another fraction, such as how 3/5 was equivalent to 6/10, and now I understand!
I like how she reads “Pegasus” because it makes me feel like I am in the story and how she changes her tones when there is an exclamation or question mark.
I like how we get to learn different things in fun ways, like how Britain taxed the colonists by taxing their money, and we played it like if we had marshmallows and we would give some to the king, to the parliament and to the tax collectors.
That’s why Mrs. Nobles is the best teacher ever and it is very true that my teacher is the best!