Kimmel letter: More north-south roads needed in county

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Last week’s headline reads “Mega-sports complex at Lennar project?”  
The article reads, “For several months, county leaders have been trying to find a suitable tract near the U.S. 521 corridor between Lancaster and Indian Land for a large sports complex with fields for baseball, football, soccer and lacrosse, as well as a gym.”
This Indian Land resident says, “No more U.S. 521 destination buildouts.” We are at gridlock and southern county leaders don’t give a squat, as long as Indian Land remains their cash cow.
Expand Henry Harris Road to a second north/south corridor, or come up with another solution, in addition to fixing U.S. 521.
As the Panhandle grows – and it is growing faster than any other in the state and near the top nationally – a single 20-mile north/south corridor is not up to the task.
Rita Kimmel
Indian Land