Kimmel letter: County Council weak on solving IL issues

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It is unfortunate that Lancaster County Council either does not understand the situation in Indian Land or does not care about it.
We are choking on increased traffic (especially on the sole north-south route of U.S. 521), looking at the very near possibility of overcrowded schools (including the new one just built), and potentially overstretching the area’s infrastructure.
Our neighbors in Fort Mill faced the same issues, and one of their solutions was the imposition of impact fees, which approach $15,000 per new home. These funds are used to offset the impact of growth in their town.
Councilman Terry Graham was 100 percent right to suggest these fees become a tool for Lancaster County to offset the explosive growth we are seeing in Indian Land.
It is sad that the remainder of the council is so short-sighted.
Cary Allen Kimmel

Indian Land