Kahn column: City, county should study recycling options

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Guest columnist Mark Kahn lives in Lancaster.

This is a response to the Lancaster City Council meeting of Nov. 13, where a majority of the council voted to suspend the recycling program.
The council members, other than Mayor Alston DeVenny – the only one who voted against the change, did not adequately consider the current and long-term repercussions of this action.
The council should have considered the following before suspending the recycling program:
• If the council knew that the recycling program was in jeopardy, why didn’t the city and county councils put the issue as a referendum on the election ballot in November and see what majority of the voters felt? Why did the councils wait until after the election to decide on this issue? Whatever happened to the voters’ rights?
• Did the council look to see what other cities, counties and states are doing to resolve this issue instead of just vacating the program?
• It appears that most residents of the city and county are going to have more trash. Why doesn’t the city let the individual residents keep the recycle bins to allow for the excess trash instead of taking the cans away?
• What is the city going to do with the recycle trucks? Get rid of them and pay more of taxpayers’ money to obtain new or used ones if the program restarts later?
• Why don’t the city and county form an alliance with other cities, counties and the state to create a recycling plant and create a business to help, in the long run, create revenue in the future?
• What about the city and county hiring a private service that specializes in recycling, giving a resident the option to have a recycle company or not? Why doesn’t the city and county invite recycling companies to put more drop-off outlets at stores or other convenient places?
• Why doesn’t the City Council announce in the newspaper about major issues coming up, to let the citizens know so they could provide their input at the next council meeting?
• What message are we sending to the next generation about Earth’s ecology?
In my opinion, the council is just reacting to the crisis instead of listening to Mayor DeVenny. He felt that the council should investigate the issues and alternatives instead of making rash decisions.
I sincerely think that the city and county should reconsider their decision and listen to the mayor’s logical method to resolve the problem.