IL man pens self-help book

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Korte’s ‘I Wish I Knew Then…’ has something for all

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Local author Chris R. Korte has taken his experience and life-long passion for personal improvement and condensed everything he has learned in a new book titled, “I Wish I Knew Then…”
In the book, Korte draws on his work experience, 30 years of marriage, three adult children and the hundreds of self-help books he has read.
Korte says the goal of “I Wish I Knew Then…” is to help readers be happier, healthier, more successful and get along with people better, while having fewer down days. There are 12 main ideas with more than 50 related topics that cover most of the issues life throws at us. There are also more than 100 quotes from experts and leaders in the field to corroborate the message.
The main ideas include:
• Your thoughts control your life, so think positive thoughts.
• Accept the present moment as if you asked for it.
• Silence is the place for true inspiration.
• Managing your emotions is the best way to personal happiness.
• Almost everyone is statistically average, so success is relative.
• It’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s how you respond to what happens to you that matters.
• You will have a better shot at being healthy with a mindset of perfect health.
• Everybody will do what they know how to do, so forgiveness is the best and only answer.
• Becoming a millionaire is rather simple and easy, but takes time.
• True unconditional love is rare, but attainable.  
• Self-esteem is one of the most important things you can give yourself and others – especially your children.
• The only thing that will never change is change itself, so make friends with it.
Korte says every age, gender, social and economic demographic can benefit from what the has learned and the unique insights into the human condition he presents in this book.
Korte and his wife, Donna, live in Indian Land. They have three children, Austin, 26, Caroline, 23, and Juliet, 20. Before retiring about 10 years ago to become a stay-at-home dad, Korte worked in general management at different companies, managing people, processes and team building.
“Most of what I have written about comes from what I have tried to learn in order to be a good parent, husband and person,” he said.
“Now that my children are basically grown and only need me to put air in their tires and advise them on which type of clothes will shrink in the dryer, I am concentrating my time on writing.”
Korte plans to write more self-help books concentrating on the spiritual, along with a mystery thriller and a children’s book.
“I Wish I Knew Then…” is available at Amazon in paperback for $9.99 or ebook form for $6.99. At the release of the book, it made it to No. 2 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases.
The book is also available for check out at Del Webb Library at Indian Land.