IL man charged in Concord Mills shooting

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By Kayla Vaughn

An Indian Land man was arrested March 25, accused of shooting a patron at the Concord Mills movie theater after a mix-up over reserved seating.
Bryant Gregory Eaves Jr., 18, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury with intent to kill.
According to Maj. Robert Ledwell with the Concord (N.C.) Police Department, the victim, William Weldon, was shot in the leg the evening of March 24 at the massive mall northeast of Charlotte.
A press release from Concord police said the suspect fled the scene with a female immediately after the shooting. Weldon’s wounds did not appear to be life-threatening, the release said.
Weldon, a military veteran who was shot in the upper thigh, went on Facebook Live twice this week to talk about the incident. Weldon said he was taking his mother to the movies when he found Eaves and a woman sitting in their reserved seats.
At this theater, seats are chosen when paid for at the ticket counter.
When Weldon pointed out that the couple were in his seats, he said Eaves did not want to move. When Eaves finally got out of the seat, he pulled a gun from his pants and shot, Weldon said.
“When I realized I was shot, initially I didn’t feel no pain. I just applied pressure,” he said in the first video, while wearing a white hospital gown. “I took my shirt off because I was like, I need to apply a tourniquet. I was bleeding all over the place.
“I was losing a lot of blood. I was getting weaker by the second because I was losing so much,” he said.
Weldon said the bullet went straight through his thigh without hitting any arteries or bone.
“I’m good to go for the most part,” he said. “People keep saying, ‘You’re trending.’ I don’t care about that. I’d rather not get shot. It’s not cool to get shot.”
In his second video, Weldon said he wanted to clear up some things that had been said by “the media.”
“The media is saying there was an argument over the seats,” he said, clearly agitated. “There was never an argument. There was never any altercation. I never disrespected him in any way. The closest I got to him was when I showed him my receipt.”
Weldon also said he was thankful his mother wasn’t near him when he was shot and that she wasn’t killed or injured.
Eaves was extradited to North Carolina on March 28.


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