IL cross country teams win at Camden

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by Christopher Cuviello/Special to Carolina Gateway
The Indian Land High School cross country teams won both the girls and boys races at Historic Camden Park on Tuesday, Sept. 11.
The IL girls team placed first with an overall score of 17 points, followed by Camden with 61 points and Buford with 62 points. The IL boys team placed first with a score of 34 points, Camden Military 58, Lancaster 71, Fairfield Central 92, Camden 109 and Buford 139.
ILHS freshman Mattie-Baile Tripp won the girls race in 23:37. Baileigh Sizemore finished second at 24:26, Lauren Sizemore third 24:45, Chloe Duernberger fifth 24:56, Sara Valle sixth 25:08, Olivia Morales seventh 25:36 and Caprielle Terry eighth 25:39.
Lina Schwippert 26:08, Danielle Griffith 28:42, Jolie Garmon 30:21, Julia Brown 31:05, Chloe Cockman 32:17, Ariela Gonzalez 32:46, Zoe Campbell 33:06, Audrey Remien 34:48, Caroline Romack 34:54, Carly Cabe 36:25, Maithili Bhoop 40:56, and Anna Connors 40:59 also competed for the IL girls team.
ILHS junior Walker Reeves won the boys race in 18:31. Maddox Yegge placed third at 18:55, Ben Elson sixth 19:28, Noah Kiger 19:51, Jaxon Barringer 20:38, Allen Livingston 20:54 and Jared Diemer 21:53.
Andrew LaFollette 22:34, Alexander Krull 22:41, William Bayley 23:05, Isiah Phifer 23:06, David Pohlheber 23:10, James Malinowski 23:17, Connor Stebbins 23:26, Nathan Wardy 23:38, Felix Gonzalez 23:56, Peter Campbell 24:16, Jacob Sisler 24:24, Jesse Bellflower 24:40, Tanner McLaughlin 24:49, Kalob Jefferson 25:20, Ethan Geiger 26:05, Scott Hansen 26:49, Logan Thompson 29:03, William Preddy 30:09, Preston Remien 34:42 and Dillon Thrower 35:32 also competed for the IL boys team.

SCTCCCA Coaches Classic

The IL girls cross country team placed 19th out of 51 teams in the championship division at the SCTCCCA Coaches Classic on Sept. 8 at the Clemson Sandhills Research Center in Columbia.
Junior Hannah Sawyer led the Lady Warriors, placing 25th overall with a time of 21:28.  Mattie-Baile Tripp 23:31, Chloe Duernberger 24:55, Sara Valle 24:55, Caprielle Terry 25:10, Lina Schwippert 25:29 and Olivia Morales 28:06 also competed in the varsity race for the IL team.
Junior Blakely Hardin led the IL junior varsity team with a time of 28:17. Danille Griffith 28:18, Julia Brown 28:40, Chloe Cockman 30:09, Audrey Remien 30:58, Carly Cabe 31:07, Caroline Romack 31:44, Maithili Bhoop 36:27 and Anna Connors 36:34 also competed for the IL team.
The boys race was canceled due to heat, per S.C. High School League and NFHS rules.
Next meet Sept. 22
The Warriors next meet is the Hare and Hounds Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 22, at McAlpine Creek Park in Charlotte.