Hopkins letter: Kudos to ILHS students for writing strong columns

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I’d like to say it’s refreshing to see two young people – Indian Land High School seniors Kaylah Cranor and Wil Watkins – writing about public issues in your newspaper.
Ms. Cranor, in a Nov. 21 column, spoke up for our president. She laid out the facts and didn’t let her letter evolve into personal politics like many writers do. Kudos to her and her fine article.
Mr. Watkins’ column Dec. 5 was very well-written and hit the subject right on the money. Our electoral college is there to offset any mob or majority rule. It’s doing its job quite well.
I agree with his opinion on having three conservative branches of government at the same time, but I totally disagree that having three Democratic branches would be preferable to a stalemate. I would rather have a stalemate, because when government does nothing, it’s mostly better than when it does something.
And it’s always, in my opinion, better than the disaster of the left holding the executive, legislative and judicial branches all at once. (Look at Obamacare.)
It’s good to see young people with knowledge about our electoral system. Congratulations to Mr. Watkins for his fine piece of writing.
Ronald Hopkins