Foster letter: Prostitution arrest isn’t newsworthy

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I just picked up the newspaper and see that one of the prominent front-page stories is about a local man arrested in a prostitution raid.
Providing that the women involved were not being forced to participate against their will, this is a totally victimless incident and hardly newsworthy, much less front-page material. Not only does this article appear mean-spirited, but it seems intended to humiliate the man arrested and his entire family, who in no way had anything to do with this.
I have no idea who this individual is, but it appears that he has spent a good part of his life serving his community and mankind in general, and I cannot imagine why you have made such a spectacle of this indiscretion.
I think that I will pick up a National Enquirer next weekend in hopes that it will contain some actual news.
Brian Foster
Fort Lawn