Evans letter: Why I support Indian Land incorporation

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I will be voting “yes” for the town of Indian Land.
I have no connection to the organizers on either side of this issue. But to me, the decision is fairly simple.
We need representation on decisions that affect our community. At present, we are out-voted on the Lancaster County Council, usually 5-2, and we will not gain a majority even if we pick up another Indian Land seat after the next census. There is no way in the foreseeable future to have any semblance of being adequately represented on the council.
I have seen the apathy from the County Council. They have nickeled and dimed the residents of Indian Land over the past decade. Besides incurring additional charges and taxes, just look at the many zoning decisions that have been made against the wishes of IL residents.
At present we have a prepared-food tax along with Local Option Sales Tax monies that are redistributed to other areas of the county. Those funds should stay where they are generated and benefit Indian Land.
If the biggest concern is that there will be an increase in our taxes because of incorporation, wait and see what other charges will be passed on to IL from the county if we do not incorporate.
I realize that the school district is not going to change and neither is the traffic. That does not enter into my logic or reasoning. As for the “no” side proclaiming that we’re not getting additional service, what additional services do they want or expect?
Please realize that the proponents of the town of Indian Land have prepared a pro-forma budget based on zero-based budgeting. Anyone can challenge the numbers, but do not try to compare this budget to other municipalities that have been in existence for years.
Budgets have a tendency to be compounded year after year. They build off of the previous-year budget. Want examples? Just look at the federal budget. A formal budget will be drawn up once there is a town of Indian Land.
A lot of the opposition to this is not organic. It’s being supported by those outside of the IL community.
I would encourage public debates to be held so that everyone is adequately informed.
Jack Evans
Indian Land