Church of Christ coming to Indian Land

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Groundbreaking set for March; move-in slated for November

by DENYSE CLARK for Carolina Gateway
With the start of the new year comes the beginning of a new house of worship – Church of Christ at Indian Land, to be built at 651 Jim Wilson Road.
This new, but familiar congregation is an outgrowth of the Church of Christ at Gold Hill Road in Fort Mill, said Elder David Beels. One hundred members are moving to the new Indian Land church with the expectation that more will join them when the new sanctuary opens.
Beels said the Church of Christ at Gold Hill Road was planted 23 years ago as an offshoot of the Charlotte Avenue Church of Christ in Rock Hill.
He recalled how the Gold Hill Road location started with a membership of about 50. That number has grown to 500 today.
“There are 350 to 400 at Gold Hill each Sunday,” Beels said joyfully. “There are 500 on the rolls.”
The Indian Land church is not the first extension from the Church of Christ at Gold Hill Road. Another church was planted seven years ago in Clover.
Tim Bannister, one of the members moving from the Gold Hill Road site to Indian Land, beamed as he spoke about keeping everyone excited through the building and  moving process.
“I am just overly excited,” he said. “I bring a lot of excitement to help the group of 100 to stay motivated.”
Bannister said it’s going to take a full year of keeping the members of the new Church of Christ at Indian Land excited about the building process.
“We’re meeting about once per month,” he said, at the Church of Christ at Gold Hill Road, 1055 Gold Hill Road, Fort Mill.
“We’ll be breaking ground in March,” Bannister said. “We’ll start building in July and we’ll move in in November.”
The 8,200-square-foot, single-story building will have seven classrooms, a minister’s office, a worship training room and a fellowship hall, Bannister said.
Beels added that the new church will have a seating capacity of 300.
Beels said church organizers are looking for a leader and hope to hire a pastor for the new church by June.
Bannister said members of the new Church of Christ at Indian Land have one very important character trait in common.
“Our members are very loving and very friendly,” he said. “Our members are also very giving. They are giving of their time and they reach out to the community. They’re very evangelistic.”
Bannister encourages the community to come visit the new Church of Christ at Indian Land once it is completed. In addition to active youth groups, the church sponsors mission trips to Haiti, Kenya and the Philippines.
Bannister is looking forward to worshipping at the new Indian Land church  before the year is out.
“We’re excited about the community there at Indian Land; we want to serve them as well as we can,” he said. “It’s an important year for us. This is a good thing we’re doing.”
While members of the new church continue to meet at the Church of Christ at Gold Hill Road, they encourage anyone interested in joining them to contact Beels at (843) 670-8976 or Bannister at (704) 201-7514.