Baust letter: Indian Land is county’s private cash cow

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Your “Devastating fallout” news article (Dec. 27, 2017) made my decision easy. I am voting for the town of Indian Land. I’ve been on the fence about incorporation since I heard about the idea several years ago, but this article confirms what I’ve been hearing from local residents all along – that the rest of Lancaster County sees Indian Land as nothing more than their private cash cow.
I will admit that I was already headed in that direction after seeing how Lancaster County Council works with regards to uncontrolled development in Indian Land. Their attitude is “the more the better,” even when residents come out in droves to protest new development and beg to wait until infrastructure can catch up. The council gave nothing but lip service to the protesters by voting down the project at one meeting, which should have killed it for a year, and then finding an excuse to reverse their decision once the residents were appeased and thought they had won.
This article’s big moment was the comment by Lancaster Mayor John Howard that incorporation of Indian Land would be “terribly unfair” because it would take tax money from other parts of the county. Really? Isn’t that what is happening now? You’re taking tax dollars from Indian Land and spending them everywhere else! And now you’re going to tell me it’s unfair if we want to keep our own tax dollars?
I would say that sounds insane, but then I realized Mr. Howard is a politician.
Robert Baust
Indian Land