Reece Murphy
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West Highland terrier (Westie)
Live in Indian Land with Lisa and Reece Murphy
After the death of my poodle, Che-che, my son and I went to a pet store to play with the puppies. There was a litter of Westies and we were drawn to a small female pup in particular. Since we weren't buying that day – it was still way too soon – we played with the puppy for a while and left. Three months later, I went back to that same pet store and asked if they planned to get another litter of Westies. The clerk said, "Like that one?" It was the same puppy we'd played with before. Since we'd already fallen in love with her then, I said, "Wrap her up, I'll take her." She's been a mama's girl ever since.
Barking for a cookie when I'm on the phone...
Eating cookies
courtesy of Gloria Davey/Paws in the Panhandle
Tiger, a 4- to 5-month-old male brindle Lab mix, is looking for a good home.

“Hi! My name is Tiger. I'm a 4- to 5-month-old male brindle Lab mix. I was in the pound but rescued. Now I am looking for my "forever" home. I do well in my crate and am getting better with that every day. I still can only go for a little while without being taken outside, but I am making huge steps.
"When I go out, I love to play with the other dogs and explore. Now that the weather is pretty, I prefer being outside.
"I really like my name – I always come when I hear it."

Tiger was rescued at a local pound because his time was getting near. He has done real well here and is learning more and more every day. He is a true joy to watch play and it is certain he will make a wonderful addition to a loving home.

Contact Paws In The Panhandle Rescue and Adoption, (803) 371-0897 or PawsInThePH@aol.com, for more information about Tiger.