• Kanoff letter: Kulma needs to get Medicare facts straight

    In his comments about health care at the NAACP forum, Green Party candidate David Kulma stated, "that he was a big advocate for Medicare for all universal health care.”
    He said that means "we would all get a Medicare card and this means you wouldn't pay any premiums, you wouldn't pay co-pays, you wouldn't pay doctors. Your health care would be covered with medically necessary things. So dental, emergency services, most of the things you could think would be covered.”

  • Bickford letter: Why I support Archie Parnell

    I will vote for Archie Parnell for Congress on Tuesday, and I hope you will do the same.

    Parnell believes that if you paid into Social Security and Medicare, you have earned it. He will stand up for families and defend health care and Medicare.

  • Aves letter: Parnell ‘truly qualified candidate’ for 5th District

    We are fortunate in the 5th District of South Carolina to have the opportunity to send a truly qualified candidate to Washington to represent us.  
    Democrat Archie Parnell was born and raised in South Carolina, and received his law degree from USC. He cares what happens to the people of our state. He is an accomplished attorney who served in the Justice Department in Washington before working for many years in business, consulting on tax compliance issues with large, international companies.

  • Reed letter: Norman voted against homeowners on HOA boards

    Does your housing development have a homeowner’s association?  If so, read this.
    U.S. House District 5 candidate Ralph Norman is a real estate developer and politician. In the S.C. House, he opposed all bills that would allow residents on HOA boards during building. He said that you had to wait until the last house was sold.
    That might result in homeowners not understanding community problems and/or expenses until after the developer leaves.That seems unfair.

    Marvin Reed
    Indian Land

  • Carpenter letter: Disappointed with coverage of incorporation forum

    I had the pleasure to attend the “town” meeting regarding the incorporation of Indian Land at Transformation Church a couple of weeks ago.
    I was pleased to see your headline indicating that your reporter had attended the meeting.
    However, I was displeased to see that the coverage was of poor quality and did not take the opportunity to provide the public with the information that was so well presented by the committee representing those persons who support the incorporation of Indian Land.

  • Miles letter: A Memorial Day tribute to those who died for us

    A lot of men and women have given their lives for the red, white and blue.
    To those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation fighting under that flag, and to all the others who served with them, and to all of their families, this country thanks you.
    God bless these brave people, and God bless America.
    Carl M. Miles Sr.

  • Chick letter: Reader supports Norman in GOP runoff May 16

    On Tuesday, May 16, we can vote again in the U.S. House 5th District race. Two great men earned a spot in the Republican runoff election.
    I can only vote for one, so today I choose to vote for Ralph Norman.
    He has said he will work for term limits. He says he will work to strengthen our military. He says he will work to protect our borders. He says he will work to bring jobs to our state. He says he will work to reduce out-of -control spending in Washington, D.C.   
    I believe him.
    William Chick
    Indian Land

  • Shanor letter: What could we get if we gave up a whole meal?

    One of the persons pushing for incorporation of Indian Land made the comment, that giving up one hamburger at McDonald’s per week to pay the incorporation tax isn’t unreasonable.
    Then one of our state representatives said giving up one soda per week at a local convenience store to pay for the gas tax increase isn’t a lot to ask.
    I’m curious as to what we could expect to receive if we give up one order of french fries per week.
    Glen Shanor
    Indian Land


  • O’Sullivan letter: How do residents benefit from being incorporated?

    I have a question for Russell Rhoads, whose letter in the April 5 issue addressed incorporating Indian Land.
    Please explain the benefits, in detail, of one more layer of government by the incorporated township of Indian Land, so we all know what to expect when and if it happens.
    How much money will be needed? How much will taxes increase?  Who and how will the leaders be elected, such as a mayor or supervisor and council persons? Someone needs to run the town.

  • Joyce letter: Plenty of opportunity for HOA 'hypocrites' here

    In the April 5 issue of Carolina Gateway, Russell Rhoads found it hypocritical that a person who elects to live in a community with an HOA should speak against incorporation because of the additional cost.
    After an informal look at the communities up and down U.S. 521, Fort Mill Highway, Shelley Mullis, Harrisburg  and Jim Wilson roads, I suspect that most have an HOA.
    By Rhoads’ logic, if you live in a community with an HOA and speak against incorporation because of the additional cost, you are a hypocrite.