• Gray letter: GOP never set aside its Obama resistance

    On July 5, Charles A. Bundy wrote a column headlined “Negativism, resistance to president must end so we can solve problems.”
    This column was well-intended, but short on the history of why we are in the predicament we are in nationally.

  • Greene letter: We need more IL representation

    Three years ago, Indian Land resident Jerry Holt ran for county probate judge, barely losing to a long-time incumbent from Lancaster.
    While Jerry’s candidacy was one of the few times an Indian Land resident has run for a courthouse office, election results show Indian Land residents failed to unite behind Jerry in that race.
    Do you think that sent a message to the current “good ol’ boy” leadership of the Lancaster County Council about how Indian Land residents won’t stand together and work to shake things up in county government?

  • Gray letter: Holt tried to stop overdevelopment in IL

    I’m responding to Lancaster County Council’s ousting of Planning Commission member Jerry Holt.
    Holt was an advocate of protecting the River Road property from overdevelopment that could impact Indian Land High School and Indian Land Middle School. He had the diligence to foresee that adding multiple apartments to the area not only would have a negative impact on River Road, but would add traffic to Doby’s Bridge Road, which would be unable to support the added traffic, endangering the students in the elementary school there.

  • Tanner letter: Another $75 fee/tax for Indian Land

    Scott Edgar, the newly hired county engineer, will speak to Indian Land Action Council at 7 p.m. Aug. 17 at the Del Webb Library, 7641 Charlotte Highway (U.S. 521).
    Lancaster County Council will hear second reading on a tax ordinance for a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) on Aug. 14. This tax money will support about four staff members to oversee the Panhandle’s stormwater.

  • Threatt letter: Time for IL to become a town

    Indian Land residents and voters, wake up.
    In March, Lancaster County Council voted 5-2 to rezone 21 acres in Indian Land from R15P (residential) to L1 (light industrial) adjacent to the 800-home residential development BridgeMill. The Planning Commission had sent this to the council suggesting they not approve this rezoning. Our representative from District 1, Terry Graham, voted to rezone. Shame on him!  

  • Jedson letter: Don’t blame Democrats for Trump glitches

    This is a response to Charles A. Bundy’s column in the July 5 Carolina Gateway, headlined “Negativism, resistance to president must end so we can solve problems.”
    The Republicans have majorities in both houses of Congress, so they can pass any legislation they want. But the writer states that “Democrats, supported by an unhappy and embarrassed media, have thrown up every conceivable stumbling block to the orderly formation of a new government.”

  • Leebrick letter: Holt’s ouster shows council’s anti-IL bias

    Once again, the Lancaster County Council has displayed its bias against Indian Land by singling out District 7 Planning Commission member Jerry Holt and declining to reappoint him to the commission.
    Never mind that a member of the Planning Commission spoke highly of Jerry’s service on the commission, about his thoroughness and personal involvement in issues before the commission.
    Never mind that at least four Indian Land residents implored the council to reappoint Jerry to the position.

  • Evans letter: English should be our official language

    I have to applaud Bruce Miller on his recent article regarding assimilation and learning English for immigrants coming to America.
    I was born and raised in eastern Pennsylvania, where my father, grandfathers and many uncles worked in the anthracite coal mines. Their coworkers came from Central and Eastern Europe and spoke the native tongues of their respective countries. However, to work in the dangerous mines, they had to learn English to understand their assignments and directions, as well as for their safety and the safety of their coworkers.

  • Kanoff letter: Kulma needs to get Medicare facts straight

    In his comments about health care at the NAACP forum, Green Party candidate David Kulma stated, "that he was a big advocate for Medicare for all universal health care.”
    He said that means "we would all get a Medicare card and this means you wouldn't pay any premiums, you wouldn't pay co-pays, you wouldn't pay doctors. Your health care would be covered with medically necessary things. So dental, emergency services, most of the things you could think would be covered.”

  • Bickford letter: Why I support Archie Parnell

    I will vote for Archie Parnell for Congress on Tuesday, and I hope you will do the same.

    Parnell believes that if you paid into Social Security and Medicare, you have earned it. He will stand up for families and defend health care and Medicare.